SOPA nedir ne değildir ucu bize dokunur mu?

Bence çok ama çok başarılı bir anti-SOPA analizi olarak şu site okunabilir:


Bir de yine bence hakikaten farklı bir bakış açısı bulmanın zor olduğu internette SOPA olayına farklı bir pencereden bakış olarak şuna bakılabilir:


Ama Yahoo Answers kullanıcısı olan bir kişiden de SOPA destekçisi bir görüş olarak alıntı yapalım:


You apparently don’t understand what copyrights protect. Illegal downloading of intellectual property not only hurts the headline-making actors and musicians, but the much lower paid writers, lyricists, screenwriters, bit part actors, etc. whose income is dependent on the small royalty checks from their work. For every Taylor Swift making millions off her talents who aren’t really hurt by pirating, there are literally hundreds of hard-working industry people making a few bucks at a time whose next rent payment or grocery bill is dependent on that revenue stream. SOPA is an attempt to stop that trend. You may want to quibble over the long term ramifications of it, but the intent of the law is something that only morons would argue against.